Living Architecture
stapled booklet (2020)

Agar Olfactory
identity system (2022)

The Gleaners and I
perfect bound book (2020)

Virginia MOCA
print and digtal (2018–2020)

Nested Worlds
online archive (2021)

Future History
perfect bound book (2019)

Variety Pack 
exhibition identity (2021)

Ankraha Yoga Garden
identity system (2019)

Sound Recorder
wire-o book and machine (2020)

Broad Rock Food Forest
outreach materials (2020)

Selected Posters

I get there or I don’t get there
booklet and poster series (2019)


myself c. 1996 (right)

I am a graphic designer living in Richmond, Virginia.

I am currently open for freelance projects.
(please email if you’d like to talk)

I also run small publishing press with two of my best friends. 

I collect paper ephemera, monchhihi dolls, 1960s teen magazines, deer figurines, small mirrors, large wooden clothespins, daisy ducks, and stickers.