Living Architecture

  stapled booklet / 2020

The Gleaners and I

  perfect bound book / 2020

Nested Worlds

  online archive / 2021

Future History

  perfect bound book / 2019

Variety Pack

  exhibition identity / 2021

Ankraha Yoga Garden

  identity system / 2019

Sound Recorder

  wire-o book / 2020

Broad Rock Food Forest   

  outreach materials / 2020

I get there or I don’t get there

  booklet and poster series / 2019


Broad Rock Food Forest

community engagement / 2020
Created for Richmond Parks and Recreation as they develop a food forest to serve surrounding neighborhoods in South Richmond. They wanted to begin a conversation about what food forests are and how the community members can get involved. Made in collaboration with Kelsy Boyle, Alicia Kim, and Elías Frantz.