Living Architecture

  stapled booklet / 2020

The Gleaners and I

  perfect bound book / 2020

Nested Worlds

  online archive / 2021

Future History

  perfect bound book / 2019

Variety Pack

  exhibition identity / 2021

Ankraha Yoga Garden

  identity system / 2019

Sound Recorder

  wire-o book / 2020

Broad Rock Food Forest   

  outreach materials / 2020

I get there or I don’t get there

  booklet and poster series / 2019


Ankraha Yoga Garden

visual system / 2019
A flexible system created within a small interdisciplinary team to guide plans for a healing space built for community youth. A multi-use shelter for the space was designed by my team members, interior designers Seylar Pring and Alyssa Chin.